The Rotary Foundation (11/29/2016) - The Rotary Foundation – The Beginning Back in 1917, a fellow named Arch C. Klumph had an ambitious dream. A self-made lumber magnate and founding member of the Rotary Club of Cleveland in 1911, Klumph had a philanthropic vision that Rotary “should accept endowments for the purpose of doing good in the world.” After launchingMore
The Wisdom of Verne Nielsen (9/20/2016) - NOTE: This was sent to me by a friend and District Governor Kees van der Pol of District 5080. It’s well worth reading to remind ourselves of just what it means to be a Rotarian. – Ray Sanford To: The Rotarian Magazine Submitted with respect by Michael Liddicoat Vern Nielsen sits in a chair in Kelowna, British ColumbiaMore

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